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May 23, 2016 no comments About the Company

voice-overWelcome to the lab. I’m Jodina professional voice over artist, on camera talent and media coach. Classes for voice over are forming now. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to be teaching a voice over class. She laughed and said “teaching voice over.. funny. You just need to be able to read to do voice over”. This is an educated woman , who runs her own company . I was dumbfounded that someone who has know me for years and very familiar with my work would think voice over was simply reading a script. Depending on the project voice over can mean very different things. But one thing remains the same, Voice over takes more than just the ability to read with a good voice.

Voice over is a form of acting, whether you are voicing a commercial, an industrial or even a message on hold you are using many of the same skills it takes to be a great actor. You need to know how to use your instrument – that being your voice. You need to know how to interpret copy and make interesting choices. You need to know who you are, what your brand is and what sets you apart from the sea of others vying for the same job. You need some technical abilities not necessarily for the completed project but definitely to do your auditions and often you need to understand your worth and how much to bill for your work, particularly when you are new and don’t have representation.

There is a lot more to voice over than many people realize. Just ask the person that has had to suffer listening to the commercial, educational series or even message on hold voiced by a non professional. We created media performance lab to help you move forward in your career in both voice over and on camera performance. Hope to see you in the lab!

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