Media Training

You see and hear the “experts” on TV and radio. These people have the same credentials and sometimes even less experience than you. How did they become the media experts? And more importantly, how can you become that expert on TV or radio?

Welcome to the Lab! More and more professionals are seeking to become media experts in their field. Being interviewed as an expert on the news or on the radio helps to establish your credibility, increases your exposure, builds trust, and enhances your reputation in your field. By establishing yourself as an expert, you are able to open doors and command higher fees.

Media Performance Labs helps you create the tools you need to gain the attention of program directors, news directors and media producers and bookers to be the sought after expert in your field.

On-Camera Performance

In the past our media outlets consisted of Radio, TV and print. Thanks to social media we now have an incredible amount of media opportunities that can become our own personal channels. YouTube, Twitter, Linked in and Facebook, just to name a few. Whether you are trying to reach new clients, build your brand or establish yourself as an expert we can teach you how to present your message to mainstream and social media, how to best tell your story and create compelling content. At Media Performance Lab we will work with you to help you look and sound your best, to help you craft your story so you can be heard on both traditional and nontraditional media outlets. We all have a story. We look forward to helping you tell yours.

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