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May 23, 2016 About the Company no comments

voice-overWelcome to the lab. I’m Jodina professional voice over artist, on camera talent and media coach. Classes for voice over are forming now. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to be teaching a voice over class. She laughed and said “teaching voice over.. funny. You just need to be able to read to do voice over”. This is an educated woman , who runs her own company . I was dumbfounded that someone who has know me for years and very familiar with my work would think voice over was simply reading a script. Depending on the project voice over can mean very different things. But one thing remains the same, Voice over takes more than just the ability to read with a good voice.

Voice over is a form of acting, whether you are voicing a commercial, an industrial or even a message on hold you are using many of the same skills it takes to be a great actor. You need to know how to use your instrument – that being your voice. You need to know how to interpret copy and make interesting choices. read more

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